Explorer Post 37

The Depew Volunteer Fire Department and its Explorer Post work in cooperation to Educate, Protect and Serve the youth of Depew and surrounding communities.

The following statements are upheld by the Depew Volunteer Fire Department:

Mission Statement

To maintain a safe environment for youth to gather within the community to learn about many aspects of the fire service and to provide avenues for positive social interaction for youth within the program, and for youth within the community.


We will be a model for fire departments with youth programs to introduce the young community to the fire service and to provide a safe environment for social activities for youth within our community.

Core Values

Recognizing the dedication and skill and value of all members, we will create and maintain an environment of individual safety, well-being and trust.  We are guided by:  Service to Others, Team Work, Compassion, Integrity, Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Professionalism and Respect.

Commitment to the Community

The members of the Depew Volunteer Fire Department Explorer Post demonstrate commitment to our community through: