Aetna Hose Co.


ID# Name Rank Yrs. of Service
205 J. Garbacz Jr. Treasurer
208 G. Cummings Past Chief  
209 D. Williams Lieutenant  
210 J. Spencer Secretary  
211 S. Hockman Firefighter  
212 T. Rzeszutek Assistant Chief  
216 S. Simon Firefighter  
217 M. Trala Firefighter  
220 P. Canna Firefighter  
222 K. Steiner Vice President  
223 M. Adamberger Firefighter  
224 K. Menard Firefighter  
227 D. Anthony President  
229 M. Bojt Firefighter  
230 M. Reilly Lieutenant  
233 M. Carrubba Captain  
234 S. Kozmycz Firefighter  




In the early days of Depew there was organized what was known as the A.L. Williams Hose Company, named after Albert L. Williams the manager of the Depew Improvement Company. The members of this organization met in the Cleveland House located at the southwest corner of Laverack and Calumet Streets. The officers of this, the first although an independent hose company were: President, George Johnson, Secretary, J.C. Glade and Treasurer, Hugh Matthews.

In November 1895 this group was disbanded and the Aetna Hose Company was organized. The company petitioned the Village Board for the right to organize on August 2, 1895. The first officers of the Aetna Hose Company were: President, Newell McDonald, Foreman, Hugh Matthews and Secretary, Elmer J. Nash

The board of Trustees of the Village of Depew consented to the incorporation of the Aetna Hose Company by resolution on December 9, 1895.

The following are the Charter Members of the Aetna Hose Company: A. Anderson, W.G. Beardsley, Edward J. Durbin, Dr. William Fairbanks, George J. Glade, Alfred Hewitt, Charles Hyman, Frank S. Kufman, George H. Kennedy, C.F. LaMonte, Hugh Matthews, Newell McDonald, John M. Muldrick, Elmer J. Nash, J.H. Oswald, William Palmer, J. Fred Pettys, George H. Rutlet, William T. Salter, C.J. Solderholm, Gust Solderholm and J.L. Weiss.

It was reported at the April 16, 1951 meeting of the village board, that the Aetna Hose Company had been re-chartered since the original incorporation of the company had been for a 50-year period.